Two notes CAB M: Free IRs from 12 legendary boxes until 5.1.2021

Attention, now there is a big deal for all registered Two notes CAB M users and for those who want to become one soon! Two notes is giving all registered CAB M user 60 years of guitar sound history in the form of free IRs from 12 legendary boxes! This promotion is limited until 5.1.2021! More Info:

Two notes Captor X 16

Every tube amplifier has its "sweet spot" with the perfect balance of pre-amp and power amp saturation, which is usually too loud both on stage and at home. The Captor X is a unique compact reactive load box that combines an attenuator for tube amplifiers, an extremely flexible microphone and cab simulation as well as an IR loader and stereo expander for…

Two Notes Torpedo Wall of Sound Version 4.3.0

The latest version of the great Two Notes Torpedo Wall of Sound software. version 4.3.0, with new features and bug fixes, is now available. Downlaod

TWO NOTES Promotion until December 7th, 2017

Purchase a selected Torpedo Hardware in our Black Friday Sale, online, or at your favorite retailer; and register before the 7th of December to redeem our Black Friday - Special Edition Virtual Cabinet Pack worth over €150! (Ex VAT)

TWO NOTES Reload @ Almanac

Musician, producer, composer, teacher, author and leader of the new symphonic metal band ALMANAC, legendary Mr. Victor Smolki has used the Two Notes Torpedo Reload for his new CD ‘Kingslayer’. The Reload is the ideal combination of the devices you must have in a modern studio for the recording of electric guitars and basses: a power attenuator, a…