Zoom unveils the new G11 Multi-Effects Processor for Guitarists

27. April 2020| Zoom

Zoom today unveils the new G11 multi-effects processor for guitarists. For more than 30 years, Zoom has been developing multi-effects for guitarists. The G11 is the perfect combination of engineering and passion.

The new “ZOOM Original” amp models offer a completely new range of tonal possibilities and the G11 also has a real amp panel to match. In addition, the G11 has 22 loudspeaker emulations and 70 impulse responses, which were recorded with different microphones in different positions. There are also 130 memory locations for uploading your own IR’s.

The G11 also features newly developed distortion and modulation effects that open up endless new sound possibilities. Thanks to a new processor, up to 9 effects + 1 amp emulation can be used simultaneously.

The 5-inch color touch screen allows you to easily drag, drop and swipe to create new sounds.

And with 2 effect loops as well as MIDI In/Out and USB audio interface functionality, the G11 can be perfectly integrated into any setup.

The Zoom G11 will be available from May 2020.


  • Integrated pedal board with dedicated amp modeling panel, five stomp switches and expression/volume Control
  • Touchscreen interface on color LCD with drag and swipe functions for easy and fast navigation
  • Chain up to nine effects plus an amplifier emulation
  • Original amp modeling combinations
  • Original distortion and modulation effects
  • 70 built in IR emulations plus 130 available slots for user uploaded IR’s
  • Two send/return effects loop plus MIDI in/out
  • 5-minute stereo looper
  • 68 built-in rhythm patterns
  • USB audio interface for direct recording to your DAW
  • Remote iOS connection for using Guitar Lab via Bluetooth adapter (BTA-1)
  • Compatible with Zoom Guitar Lab to download additional effects

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