Zoom unveils the M3 MicTrak 32-Bit Float Recorder

15. December 2022| Zoom

Zoom is delighted to announce the all-new MicTrak recorder series, containing of 3 different models: M2 MicTrak, M3 MicTrak and M4 MicTrak. The MicTrak series combines a stereo microphone with a 32-Bit Float Recorder for clip-free audio recording, allowing you to capture perfect audio in any situation without the need to set gain.

The M3 is the first shotgun microphone with 32-Bit Float Recording and gives filmmakers the ability to elevate their content with pristine audio. This on-camera stereo microphone / recorder captures every sonic nuance with 32-bit float recording.Thanks to the MS-stereo microphone, you can switch between mono and stereo modes with 90 degree or 120 degree recording angle. Furthermore, the M3 always saves a Mid-Side RAW file, giving you the flexibility to adjust the stereo width of your recording in post. And with the M3’s 3.5mm stereo output you can connect and record a backup of your audio to your camera for easier syncing your audio to video.

Product Video: https://bit.ly/3HCBpxG

M3 Features:

·  Stereo Shotgun Microphone with 90 degree, 120 degree, and MONO

·  Built in 32-bit float recorder

·  Records additional Mid-Side RAW file for post-production stereo adjustment

·  Includes custom Zoom Shock Mount

·  Lo cut filter

·  Camera mounted or grip mounted

·  3.5mm stereo line output for camera connection

·  3.5mm headphone output

·  Companion Edit & Play software to adjust stereo width and normalize recorded files

·  Records to SDXC cards

·  USB Microphone compatible with PC and Mac

·  Runs on 2 AA batteries* (12 hour battery life)