Zoom unveils the M2 MicTrak 32-Bit Float Recorder

15. December 2022| Zoom

Zoom is delighted to announce the all-new MicTrak recorder series, containing of 3 different models: M2 MicTrak, M3 MicTrak and M4 MicTrak. The MicTrak series combines a stereo microphone with a 32-Bit Float Recorder for clip-free audio recording, allowing you to capture perfect audio in any situation without the need to set gain.

The M2 is designed like a handheld microphone and with its all-new X/Y mic capsule design and 32-bit float technology, the M2 MicTrak always gives you great sound in one take. The M2’s unique shockmounted X/Y stereo mics, along with its specially designed glossy finish significantly reduces handling noise. The M2 offers mono and stereo recording modes for musical performances and interviews. The LCD display allows waveform monitoring in realtime and the normalize function saves time and streamlines the editing process.


M2 MicTrak: https://bit.ly/3uRswsr

M4 Features:

  • 4-Track 32-bit float recorder
  • Newly designed stereo X/Y microphones provide unmatched frequency response and clarity
  • New shock-mount system body construction, and specialized finish to reduce handling noise
  • 2 XLR/TRS inputs with F-Series preamps
  • Color LCD Screen with waveform display
  • Timecode Generator with 3.5mm in/out
  • Onboard Normalization function
  • 3.5mm headphone output plus 3.5mm stereo line output for camera connection
  • USB Interface compatible with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android (48khHZ at 24 or 32-bit Float**)
  • Use as an audio interface and record to SD card simultaneously
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries* (18 hour battery life)

* Batteries not included ** For Android