New: Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-Zi

30. June 2017| Cloud Microphones

The Cloudlifter CL-Zi applies the same technology to instruments with high-impedance (Hi-Z) outputs, such as electric guitars, basses, low-output piezo pickups used with acoustic guitars, or vintage electro-mechanical Stage pianos that employ a passive output. Plug your guitar or other instrument into the jack’s ¼” center, or use the XLR portion for a microphone. Then, connect the XLR output to a phantom-power-capable input on your mixer, preamp, or computer recording interface, and experience sound that’s not merely louder, but better in every way that matters.

The Cloudlifter CL-Zi at a glance

  • Fully Sweepable Vari-Z Loading from 150ohms to 15kohms
  • Continuously Variable High-Pass Filtering @ -6dB per octave
  • Three Gain Settings Yield up to +25dB, 12dB, or 6dB with Mics and +15dB, 6dB, or 3dB with Instruments
  • Improves Microphone Gain Before Feedback Ratio in Live & Public Address Applications
  • Easy to Use Self-Contained Design Requires Only Phantom Power
  • Compatible with 1/4” Hi-Z Instrument Inputs and XLR Lo-Z Microphones via the Neutrik Combo Input Connector
  • Protects any Passive Ribbon Microphone with No Transfer of Phantom Power
  • Uses Patented Class A, Discrete JFET Circuitry and Patented Vari-Z User Interface
  • Rugged, Road-Ready, and Portable for Studio, Stage, and Broadcasting
  • Manufactured and Fabricated Responsibly in the USA

Product page: Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-Zi