Kurzweil announces the KM88 MIDI Controller Keyboard

11. March 2021| Kurzweil

Kurzweil introduces its first pure MIDI Controller Keyboard, the all new KM88. The KM88 is a MIDI master keyboard and the perfect solution for modern production enviroments. Thanks to Kurzweil’s experience in creating instruments with sophisticated master keyboard features like Forte, PC4 and the new K2700, the KM88 is Kurzweil´s first model without a built-in sound engine.

The KM88 is aimed for those who mainly want to play or control MIDI expanders or software instruments, but without compromising on a fully weighted 88-note hammer action keyboard with 7 levels of velocity adjustment. 4 zones with individual controller assignments, various programmable buttons, sliders, knobs, pedal inputs and a X/Y joystick, as well as awesome features such as chord triggers and the possibility to expand the physical controls with virtual controls (9 sliders, 9 knobs and 9 switches per zone) redefine the term master keyboard. The KM88 will be available in May.

Main Features:

  • Kurzweil announces KM88 MIDI controller
  • 88 keys RPHA hammer action
  • 4 Zones
  • 120 Multi user setups with instant recalll via front panel switches
  • Programmable X/Y joystick, 2 pedal Inputs, slider and 6 buttons
  • Additional virttual controller: 9 sliders, 9 knobs and 9 switches per zone
  • Chord Triggers
  • MMC – MIDI Machine Control
  • Desktop software editor for Windows and Mac-OS-X
  • MIDI Out and USB
  • Note stand included