Kurzweil announces the K2700 Workstation

11. March 2021| Kurzweil

Kurzweil announces the new K2700, the latest addition to the legendary K Series. Introduced in 1990, the K2000 laid the foundation for the legendary reputation of Kurzweil’s K2XXX series. For the first time, it was possible to process not only the factory ROM samples but also your own samples with the outstanding, unique V.A.S.T Synthesis, thus creating signature keyboard sounds and sonic spheres of previously unattainable sound quality and complexity. Countless famous musicians and bands such as Pink Floyd,’s Roger Waters, The Who, Billie Joel, Sting, Andrew Lloyd Webber and many more have relied on the Kurzweil K-Series live on stage and in the studio.

The K2700 is the modern incarnation of the legendary Kurzweil K-Series workstations and continues the tradition. With 256 voices of V.A.S.T. polyphony, the K2700 offers 5 times the polyphony of all previous K2 models. 4.5 GB of factory sounds and 3.5 GB of memory for user samples knock the spots of all its predecissors. With V.A.S.T synthesis and editing, 6-operator FM engine, virtual analogue synthesis with anti-aliasing oscillators and KB3 tonewheel organs, the K2700 offers unlimited sound design possibilities. Exclusive features such as the patented FlashPlay technology, the K.S.R. – Kurzweil String Resonance technology, an integrated audio interface, the new live audio inputs and unique live performance and master keyboard functions make the K2700 the perfect master controller for every keyboard setup on stage and in the studio. The K2700 will be available in May.

Main Features

  • 88 keys hammer action with aftertouch
  • 4,5 GB factory ounds
  • 3,5 GB memory for user samples
  • 256 voices
  • V.A.S:T Synthesis and editing
  • Patented FlashPlay®-Technology
  • 6-Operator FM engine
  • Virtual Analog synthesis with anti-aliasing oscillators
  • KB3 ToneReal™ organs
  • Powerful FX Engine
  • K.S.R. – Kurzweil String Resonance
  • 16-Zone Multi Controller Mode
  • 16-Track Sequencer
  • 16 MIDI CC Sequencers
  • 16 Riff Generators
  • 16 Note Arpeggiators
  • More than 80 realtime controller
  • 16 Pad Triggers
  • Master Transport Controls
  • Balanced Audio Outputs
  • USB audio interface
  • Live Audio inputs
  • Software Editors for Mac OS X, Windows PC and iOS