Kurzweil announces PC4-7 and SP6-7

11. March 2021| Kurzweil

With the PC4-7 and SP6-7, Kurzweil unveils the long-awaited 76-key versions of the popular PC4 performance controller and the SP6 stage piano. In addition to their compact dimensions, both models are a lot lighter than the respective 88-key versions. The weight of the new PC4-7 is 8.8 kg and the SP6-7 is only 7.95 kg.

Both models are using the new semi-weighted SWA76 Keyboard with 76 velocity-adjustable keys. The PC4-7 provides also aftertouch. The sound engine as well as all other features are identical to the established 88-key versions PC4 and SP6. Both models will be available in May.


  • 76-Note SWA76 keyboard with semi-weighted action and aftertouch
  • 256 Voices of V.A.S.T. Polyphony
  • 2 Gigabytes of Factory Sounds
  • Patented FlashPlay® Technology
  • 2 Gigabytes User Sample Memory
  • V.A.S.T. Editing
  • 6-Operator FM Engine
  • CC Sequencers
  • KB3 ToneReal™ Organs
  • Powerful FX Engine
  • K.S.R. – Kurzweil String Resonance
  • 16-Zone Multi Controller Mode
  • 16-Track Sequencer
  • 16 Simultaneous RIFF Generators
  • 16 Simultaneous Note Arpeggiators
  • Live Audio Input w/ FX
  • Front Panel Master Transport Controls
  • 36 Programmable Physical Controllers
  • Easy Access Transpose Controls
  • Widescreen Color Display
  • Categorized Sound Selection
  • Only 8,8kg


  • 76-note SWA76 Keyboard with semi-weighted action
  • 2 Gigabytes of Sounds
  • Patented FlashPlay® Technology
  • Powerful FX Engine
  • K.S.R. – Kurzweil String Resonance
  • KB3 ToneReal™ Organs
  • 4 Arpeggiators
  • 20 MIDI Controllers
  • Easy Access Controls
  • Sound Selection
  • Favorites Section
  • Software Editors
  • Only 7,95kg