Kurzweil announced SP7 Grand at NAMM 2022

17. June 2022| Kurzweil

Kurzweil introduced the SP7 Grand at NAMM 2022.

The SP7 is the latest member of the famed SP series of stage pianos.

The SP7 Grand is designed upon our new synthesis platform A.T.S.T. and marks a new era in Kurzweil technology. The SP7 Grand offers 256 voice polyphony and  307 presets organized into 13 categories and features our German “D” 9 ft. Concert Grand derived from the K2700. The SP7 Grand A.T.S.T. engine provides significant advances in piano sound realism through support of higher resolution audio, smooth velocity transitions, a 2x oversampling filter and the use of both string and pedal resonance modeling, envelope/velocity controlled key-off samples as well as half-damper* pedaling, together delivering a heightened piano performance experience (* half-damper pedal sold separately). Combined with the new Fatar TP110 key action, the SP7 Grand offers an superb balance for feel and playability, serving a variety of playing styles.

The SP7 Grand marks a new milestone for Kurzweil and features a new design philosophy and user interface architecture. Color coded knobs and buttons corrospond with the all new 1024 x 600 LCD touch screen and the instrument powers up in multi mode allready. The buil-in audio interface offers to Auto-stabilize the pitch of the mic input signal as well as adjust the signal’s vibrato and legato qualities. Furthermore you can process your vocals and automatically generate up to 4-part harmonies in real-time as well generate as vocoder-like effects. The SP7 Grand will be shipping in the 3rd quarter of 2022.

Kurzweil SP7 Grand NAMM NEWS 2022 video: https://bit.ly/3QoU1Dl


  • New synthesis platform A.T.S.T – Authentic Timbre Synthesis Technology allows support for high fidelity audio, streamlined sound programming and boasts near seamless velocity layer transitions.
  • New 88-note, fully-weighted hammer-action (Fatar TP110)
  • 7″ color LCD touch screen with 1024 x 600 pixel
  • New design Philosophy and User Interface with Color coded knobs corrosponding with display of touch screen. 
  • Unit powers up in Multimode  – no confusion of type of current used mode anymore
  • 2 GB Factory Sounds – 307 presets including our German “D” 9 ft. Concert Grand derived from the K2700. 
  • 256 voices polyphony
  • String & Pedal Resonance modeling
  • Envelope/Velocity controlled Key-Off Samples
  • Support for half-damper* pedaling (* half-damper pedal sold separately)
  • 16 performance zones for creating your own sonic split/layer combinations along with a
  •  host of customizable controllers.
  • 8 Hybrid Arpeggiators – combines both a step-sequencer and note-arpeggiator
  • 21 effect algorithms including reverb, BPM-synced delay, chorus, flange, compression, various distortion types, rotary speaker, tremolo, wah-wah and eq.
  • 2-in/2-out 24-bit/48Hhz USB audio interface
  • Auto Pitch-correction and 4-part-harmonizer for mic input