Focal Alpha Limited Edition White

11. September 2017| Focal

Focal is pleased to introduce a special limited edition of the popular Alpha 50 and Alpha 65, which are known for their no-compromise studio-centric design and subtle yet impressive sonic character. The new Focal Alpha Limited Edition White have specifications identical to the black edition. This fresh aesthetic redesign projects a new side of the Alpha series and is available only in limited quantities.

The Focal Alpha series are the studio purist’s choice of nearfield monitors and deliver a detailed, majestic sound. They perform just as well with traditional instrumentations as with pumping electronic music and boast a generous frequency response range within +/- 3dB. The adjustable shelving EQ make it possible to tailor the Alphas to the room acoustics and to personal taste.


  • Excellent monitoring quality with wide, well-balanced dispersion keeps the same sound throughout the room
  • Aluminum inverted dome tweeter allows for precise and extra high frequency range
  • Polyglass speaker cone made in France delivers superior damping and rigidity
  • Optimal acoustic integration allows identical tonal balance at varying volumes and low sensitivity to wall effects
  • Custom designed Dual Class AB amplification provides efficiency and performance

For further information, visit the Focal Alpha 50 Limited Edition White and Focal Alpha 65 Limited Edition White product pages.