Eventide introduces PowerMAX v2, PowerMINI and PowerMINI EXP!

2. July 2020| Eventide

PowerMAX v2 and PowerMINI are the highest quality, isolated, power supplies in the smallest, lightest package available. PowerMAX v2 or PowerMINI will get the maximum audio performance out of any pedal board – and yes, it does make a difference you can hear.

PowerMAX v2 is the successor of the highly acclaimed PowerMAX. PowerMAXv2 is now expandable with a dedicated 24V Aux output which can fully power the PowerMINI with one cable (included with the PowerMINI EXP) without reducing the output of the other 7 dedicated outputs. The total output of PowerMAX v2 is now increased to 48 watts.The first three outputs are now fixed at 9V DC/660 mA which can power any Eventide pedal

PowerMINI is a super compact, isolated power supply for smaller pedalboards that ensures your pedals will achieve maximum fidelity. PowerMINI provides 2 outputs 9V/660 mA + 2 outputs switchable to 9, 12, 15 or 18V up to 660mA.
Power MINI can be powered by the new PowerMAX v2 with a optional cable.

PowerMINI EXP is the perfect extension for the PowerMAXv2. PowerMINI EXP corresponds to the Power MINI, but instead of the power supply unit it contains the connection cable to connect to the Power MAXv2.

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