Essential new function with firmware update v2.0 for Icon Platform M+

13. August 2018| iCON

We are happy to announce that with the latest firmware version v2.01 for Icon Platfom M+, the DAW mode selection will change. Instead of selecting a mode for each DAW (e.g. ProTools mode to control ProTools, Cubase Mode to control Cubase, etc.); there are now four DAW modes to select:

1. MCP Mode – (Mackie Control Protocol) – Used for all DAWs except Logic and ProTools
2. Logic Mode – Only used to control Logic
3. HUI Mode – Only used to control Pro Tools
4. User Defined Mode – Used to create custom control maps (will not work for ProTools)

This update allows the Platform Series devices to control more DAWs and also frees up internal memory on the device to improve functionality, and operation.

Firmwares can be found in Icon Pro Audios download area.