Blackstar ID:CORE V3

11. January 2021| Blackstar

The multi-award winning ID:CORE series is one of the best-selling guitar practice amps under the Blackstar label and from the end of January the logical continuation of this successful concept will be available in the form of the ID:CORE V3 models.

The authentic tube amp sound and the impressive Super Wide Stereo Sound – among other highlights of the predecessors – have been further improved. Live streaming on smartphones is now extremely easy with a universal TRRS cable, and the integrated USB port allows uncomplicated direct recording on a digital level. The newly developed free Architect software gives users access to Blackstar’s Cab Rig Lite, a state-of-the-art cabinet simulation, as well as extensive editing and patch management.

Cab Rig Lite software fine-tunes the interaction between the virtual microphone, loudspeakers and the simulated room for high-quality recording via direct USB audio output using Blackstar’s ID:CORE V3. Unlike stiff ‘snapshot’ IRs, cab rig simulations are adjustable by the user and latency is extremely short.

By the way, by using full-range speakers, the ID:CORE V3 amplifiers can also be used as active monitors for computers or smartphones.

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