Apogee Releases New Software for Ensemble Thunderbolt and Element Series

27. July 2017| Apogee

Apogee Electronics is pleased to introduce new control software for Ensemble Thunderbolt audio interfaces which enables additional features and functionality. Apogee Control software has been built from the ground up to offer a highly customizable user interface that provides multi-unit support and compatibility with the Apogee Control iOS App as well as the Apogee Control hardware remote.

What’s New

  • Connect two Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt interfaces to your Mac to double your analog inputs and outputs
  • All-new Apogee Control software replaces Maestro 2 and features a modern user interface you can customize for your workflow
  • Apogee Control software also lets you control Ensemble Thunderbolt with an iOS remote app and the Apogee Control hardware remote
  • Connect any Apogee Element interface to your Ensemble Thunderbolt and expand your system with Ensemble quality I/O at unprecedented prices
  • Multi-unit support for Ensemble and Element Series
  • Combine an Ensemble Thunderbolt and an Element Series interface connected to your Mac and expand your studio.

All New Apogee Control Software

Apogee Control software replaces Maestro 2 and features a modern, streamlined interface that offers extensive flexibility and customization that can adapt to your creativity. Apogee Control is built for Ensemble Thunderbolt and Element Series interfaces allowing them to work together giving you a seamless and powerful user experience.

Many new features now available for Ensemble and Element audio interfaces

Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt and Element Series audio interfaces now offer direct monitoring support in Apple’s Logic Pro X (10.3.2) that easily eliminates recording latency with the simple click of a button. Pressing the new “Direct” button causes your monitoring signal to come directly from the hardware input, bypassing any I/O buffer or plug-in induced latency.

This new feature makes it possible to end distracting input delays for the performer without having to constantly change audio monitoring preferences and interact with a separate low latency monitoring mixer. Never before has it been so easy to record in Logic without latency – It’s as simple as clicking the direct button and adding a touch of reverb with an effect send.

Essentials Control Strip

  • Maximize and arrange your workspace around your DAW with the compact Essentials Control strip.
  • The Essentials Control Strip can be oriented vertically or horizontally.
  • Real-time FX Send lets you use your DAW’s reverb and other effects with Apogee Control’s low latency mixer.
  • Select Ensemble’s built-in mic, an analog input or your Mac’s built-in mic for talkback and activate via software to communicate with musicians over headphones.
  • Configure the main output for multi-speaker systems up to 9.1 surround.

The new Ensemble Thunderbolt as well as Element software is now available as a free download for all Ensemble Thunderbolt and Element users.