Apogee Jam+ – The USB Guitar Audio Interface

9. October 2018| Apogee

We are pleased to introduce you to the new Apogee Jam+. The Jam+ is successor to the globally celebrated Apogee Jam guitar interface, offering new and unique features and a completely fresh design.

Apogee Jam was introduced in 2010 as the first high-quality digital guitar interface connecting instruments to Windows, Mac and iOS devices. Combining Apogee’s know-how with upmarket design features, the Jam set a new standard in mobile recording. Jam+ is now continuing the evolution of the series, bringing the most important advancements in Apogee technology to your iOS device, Mac or PC in a compact format. Inside the new metal housing awaits the improved PureDIGITAL circuit design featuring the best ‘True Tone’ audio resolution ever to be available in this format.

Jam+ now also features a high performance headphone jack for latency-free monitoring and an overdrive mode offering unique tube amp tone characteristics – and all this in a pocket-sized format. But Jam+ won’t set a new standard just for guitarists: dynamic mics, keyboards and synthesizers, acoustic guitars with pickups and electric bass guitars can also be connected to the Jam+ to benefit from the incredible sound of this revolutionary device.

Included is also the BIAS FX Jam Software package by Positive Grid, authentically emulating analogue pedals, studio rack equipment and iconic tube amps.

The Apogee Jam+ in brief

  • Studio quality USB instrument input and headphone jack
  • Apogee PureDIGITAL circuit design for excellent sound quality
  • Overdrive mode for a more realistic rendering of virtual amps and effects
  • Latency-free recording and monitoring thanks to output blending
  • BIAS FX Jam Software by Positive Grid included
  • Solid metal housing with a soft-touch base
  • No configuration required: just plug in and play
  • For use with iOS, Mac and PC
  • Built in the U.S.A.