Apogee Announces ClipMic digital 2

25. May 2021| Apogee

Apogee is delighted to announce the all new ClipMic digital 2 – a Professional Lavalier Microphone for iPhone, Mac and Windows.

The all new designed microphone capsule features a 10db lower noise floor than its predecessor ClipMic digital and is combined with Apogee´s analod-to-digital conversion and microphone preamp. ClipMic digital2 allows you to put the microphone closer to the sound of the voice which is benificial for excellent audio quality. The included free Apogee MetaRecorder App for IOS is a revolutionary audio recording app for iPhone/iPad that offers linked recording, tagging and organizing of audio on up to 4 iOS devices.

Apogee ClipMic digital 2 is the perfect solution for content creators, podcasting and streaming, interviews, online lessons, lectrues and presentations, conferences, performances and events, dialog for video and film and other applications.

The ClipMic digital 2 will be available June 2021.


  • Premium lavalier microphone for iPhone, iPad, macOS, and Windows
  • Professional microphone capsule captures speech clearly
  • Studio quality Apogee converters pick up every detail
  • Wired microphone provides sound quality superior to wireless lavaliers
  • Extended cable lets you position your camera properly and keep the mic close to you
  • Includes MetaRecorder, free iOS recording application

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