About KHDK

13. July 2017| KHDK

KHDK boutique guitar effect pedals are hand-built in the USA. The name of the family company stands for the founding partners, Kirk Hammett and David Karon. In 2012, the two found themselves in bar in Prague drinking some of the world’s best beer and contemplating the elements of sound to build a perfect guitar tone. In the early hours of the morning, they resolved to breathe fresh air (with sulphuric notes of the underworld) into the world of guitar effects. With a motto of “death to compromise” and the sentence “Let’s build some crazy shit!” they vowed not to rest until they had created a line of perfect pedals.

Kirk Hammett is instantly known as Metallica’s guitarist, and David Karon is a veteran from the artist relations sector in the music instruments industry. The third man on the team is the Czech engineer Antonin Salva, who is known by insiders in upper circles of the rock world for his custom Amp modifications and unique pedal designs.

Regardless of the company origins, KHDK pedals are for far more than high gain metal tones! The first pedals by KHDK include first-rate Overdrive, Clean Boost, and the “Ghoul Screamer” – a tribute and upgrade to one of the most famous overdrives (in a poison-green housing) with cult-status. The recent model “Dark Blood” will bring tears of joy to the eyes of the most demanding high-gain-lovers. KHDK overdrive pedals are recognizable by their excellently balanced amp-like sound.

The newest addition to the KHDK lineage is the “Abyss” overdrive especially for bass. As is true for all KHDK effects, Antonin Salva has introduced extraordinary and unique features. The Abyss is a union of two separate circuits. The first circuit is responsible for processing dynamic punch and clean fundamental bass tones, while the second provides boutique distortion. The signal mix can then be balanced between clean and driven. For massive sounds, the “Hi” mode allows for an extra kick of dirt and compression.

For more KHDK, info, and videos visit: https://www.khdkelectronics.com/